About Fastly's Real-Time Log Streaming features

Fastly's log streaming features allow logging configuration information to be sent over TLS (Transport Layer Security). This means that logging information can be encrypted, which allows customers to send potentially sensitive information to log files without exposing data.

Supported protocols and logging providers

Fastly supports a variety of syslog-compatible logging providers, such as Sumo Logic, Papertrail, and Logentries. We also support other methods of sending logs besides the syslog protocol. We allow pushing of log files to Amazon S3 buckets as well as any S3-compatible providers (such as DreamHost's DreamObjects). Finally, Fastly supports FTP uploading.

How Real-Time Log Streaming works

As Varnish Cache software processes transactions, it writes instances to a memory log for engineers' diagnostic use. These memory instances are quickly overwritten, but selected data may be formatted into log lines and those can be continually transmitted or "streamed" in real time to a customer's chosen logging service or any other standard syslogd server for reporting purposes.

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