How we calculate your bill

What we do and don't charge you for

We bill you monthly according to that month's use of Fastly's services. Your monthly charges represent the combined total of your bandwidth and request usage, using the rates listed on our pricing page. The minimum charge you pay each month is $50.

We charge for egress traffic from our POPs, including traffic served to end users and, if shielding is enabled, traffic served from the shield POP to other POPs. Specifically, we charge for each response and for the size of the response (which includes the header and body). Each response is billed as a single "request," and the response size in bytes is billed as "bandwidth."

Two specific settings related to responses may affect the total charges on your bill. Enabling gzipping can reduce the size of responses which reduces the bandwidth you use and thus can reduce your total bill. Enabling shielding may initially result in greater bandwidth use because requests may need to travel between POPs. The reduced load on your origin servers, however, frequently offsets this increased cost and the potential increase in your bill's total.

Charges for TLS service options you've chosen are applied in addition to the bandwidth and request usage we charge for normal content delivery and streaming. We don't bill you for the amount of space your content takes up on our cache servers.

We don't charge you for Standard Support service.

About the monthly minimum charges

We bill a minimum of $50 per month so we can fully support all of our customers. This is the minimum price you'll pay in any month once you've completed your testing trials.

For example, say that you're done testing Fastly's services and you've begun to push production-level traffic through Fastly. If most of your site's traffic for the current month is in North America and Europe and your site uses 10GB of traffic over 10 million requests, the combined bandwidth and request charges would be $8.70 for the month. Because this amount falls below the $50 monthly minimum, we would charge you $50 for that month, not $8.70.

Asia-Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America prices listed are slightly higher. If most of your site's traffic were in these areas instead of North America and Europe, then at the above traffic levels your bandwidth and request usage charges would still fall below the monthly minimum and we would charge you $50 for that month.

When we charge you for Fastly services

Fastly bills in arrears, not in advance, meaning that we bill you for services after you've used them, not before. For example, if you sign up for and start using Fastly services in January, the bill you receive in February reflects January's charges and services, your March bill reflects February's charges services, and so forth.

How account cancelation affects your bill

If you ever cancel your account, you'll be billed for any outstanding charges accrued through the day you canceled, or at least the monthly minimum, whichever amount is greater.

Reviewing the charges to your account

If you've been assigned a superuser or billing role, you can review your account use and the associated charges via the Billing page in the Fastly web interface. Billing overview and invoice information can be accessed by clicking the Billing link in the user menu at the top right of any page.

the user menu

By default, the month-to-date information about your account use appears, summarizing the bandwidth you've used and the associated charges, followed by the charges you've incurred to date for requests for the current month. The bottom of the summary displays the grand total dollar amount owed for the month-to-date.

A billing invoice

You can review similar details (including invoices) for previous months by clicking the Invoice History tab and then the link for any month listed in the Date column.

Invoice history

Regional account use details

To view specific regional use details for your account, click the View details link above the summary info for the current month-to-date. The details that appear include the current month's tiered bandwidth and request use for each geographic region of the world.

an example billing use details page for geographic regions

You can review similar regional, tiered bandwidth and request use details for previous months by clicking on the link for any month under the Date column of the Billing History area below the current month's billing summary.

Printing account use details

You can print account use details for any month directly from your browser window by viewing the specific summary or regional details and then selecting the Print option from your browser's File menu.

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