Professional Services

Fastly offers a range of Professional Services to help you begin using Fastly services. Choose between Implementation Services, Management Services, or Consulting Engagement Services, depending on your needs. For more information about any of our Professional Services packages, contact sales@fastly.com.

Implementation Services

How it works

Fastly Professional Services staff will personally guide you through the following stages:

Implementation, Testing, and Go-Live may involve some iterative cycles depending on the complexity of your configuration.

Implementation options

Some common implementation options we offer include:

Fastly offers two Service Implementation packages:

Management Services

For customers who require ongoing configuration and technical assistance, Fastly offers Management Services that provide professional services to you and your staff on an as-needed basis. These hours may be used to supplement your existing Support Plan or Implementation Services.

Some common activities you may need assistance with:

Consulting Engagement Services

For customers who lack in-house expertise or dedicated resources, Fastly's Support Engineers are available to provide a range of more technical professional services, including:

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