Enabling global POPs

The sun never sets on the Fastly empire, but how can you take full advantage? Simply set your CNAME record to nonssl.global.fastly.net for non TLS traffic. You'll now have access to all of our worldwide POPs as they come online. We don't restrict POP access. Instead, you control it.

How to check if your CNAME is set to nonssl.global.fastly.net

Run the following command in your terminal:

$ dig www.example.com +short

Your output should appear similar to the following:


If you don't see nonssl.global.fastly.net. in your output, then your CNAME isn't properly set. We link to instructions for setting your CNAME for a number of popular providers.

Instead of using the above command in your terminal, you can also use various online DNS checking tools, such as the OpenDNS Cache Check.

Limiting POP use to the United States and European Union

If you're not using TLS, simply set your CNAME record to nossl.us-eu.fastly.net. instead of nonssl.global.fastly.net.. If you're using TLS, see our guide on CNAME records to find the appropriate entry.

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